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Stroller Fitness
Workout with your little ones in strollers.  Trained instructors help you address those areas moms need to shape up the most. Using resistance bands, cardio conditioning, core strength training and traditional body sculpting exercises, we are NOT simply a walking club!  Get out of the house, to the park for a great workout WITH your children!  Exercises can be modified for those just getting back into exercise or to challenge those already in a fitness routine. Set the example for your family while you meet other moms and make new friends.
For Moms postpartum by at least 6 weeks and released to exercise by your physician.
Please bring water, a mat or towel, and comforts for your children.

Mommy Boot Camp No Stroller Required
Moms, despite the age of their children, may need a jump start to get fit. Mommy Boot Camp is an intense workout regimen for moms including cardio training, body sculpting, and core strengthening exercises. Equipment such as medicine balls and resistance tubing is provided for use. In order to give proper fitness training attention to each participant, enrollment in this program is limited. BMI and Body Fat% will be measured at the start and end of each session. This is not a parent/child interactive class, though children are always welcome. Outdoor locations are chosen with tag-a-long kids in mind. Exercises can be modified for those just getting started in a fitness routine. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this program.
This workout is for moms, no children required, but all ages welcomed. Wear supportive exercise shoes.
Please bring a yoga mat or towel for ground work, cold water, and if your like, a hand towel for comfort.
Wheelies Plus

The same great workout of the original Wheelies class PLUS the body sculpting elements of our Mommy Boot Camp and the stress relief exercises of our Yoga classes.  Moms exercise with children in strollers for the majority of the workout.  Older children can participate alongside or play at adjacent playgrounds as we exercise around them.
Please bring a towel or yoga mat for floor work as well as water and comforts for children.

Mom & Baby Yoga
Get the benefits of Yoga while bonding with your baby. Relieve stress, sleep better, and get your body back into shape with a gentle but challenging yoga class you do with your child. We designed this workout to stretch and strengthen. Traditional yoga poses realign your center and are adapted to do while holding your infant. We incorporate group support, infant massage and stress relief exercises. Sing to, play with and teach your child while you live a healthier lifestyle. Do it for you and your baby!
For moms with babies six weeks old to pre-walking.

Please bring your mat, water, a blanket or towel as well as any additional comfort for baby.
Toddler Yoga
Yoga can be fun and challenging to do as your active toddler crawls through your downward facing dog or joins in to roar like a lion. Adding this challenge and enjoyment, your toddler will love to spend time coaching, cheering, and exercising right along with you. Get a great yoga workout and have a great time with your little one. Your child will be singing the ABCs, counting the repetitions, playing musical memory games and setting the foundation for a stronger parent/child relationship. Come meet other moms and learn movement exercises your child will want to do with you at home.
For Moms and Toddlers ages 18 - 36 months.
Please bring water as well as a yoga mat or towel for you and your child.

Kid Yoga 
This kids-only class is designed to provide your child with a fun introduction to yoga. Traditional yoga poses are taught with a kid's focus. We tell movement stories, learn body discipline with quiet breathing techniques, make animal poses, stretch, and play games!  This class combines a traditional yoga class with an unconventional approach using the educational influences of Music, Language and Art help shape our movements.  Boys have said it helps their "wrestling" skills. 
Girls like to tell their friends about their Yoga class. Your child will reap the rewards of feeling good and having fun through exercise. Namaste!
Designed for children ages 3-13. Please refer to individual class listing for specific age recommendations.
A yoga mat or towel is required, as well as water. Please wear easily removable shoes.

Parent and Child Nutrition Classes
Sessions for parents with or without their children.
1. Is this my kid?  How nutrition plays a role in your child's behavior.  Taste mac-n-cheese a healthier way!
2. Nutrition, lifestyle and performance.  Taste healthy beverages for your family - move over soda!
3. How to incorporate healthy foods into our hectic schedules and be sane.  Develop a one week menu during the session.  Taste healthy sweets!