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About Us

As moms, we typically struggle with our postpartum bodies though we can't imagine how we can "fit in" a workout.  Whether we can't bear the thought of dropping our child off with a sitter or our work schedules limit our amount of time together already, we often simply do not want to leave our babies to exercise.

Mobile Mommy Fitness was started in 2003 because of many of these reasons. Exercise is so important, especially after childbirth. Excess body fat accumulated throughout pregnancy, weakened abdominal muscles, lack of sleep and hormonal shifts are all normal effects which can be positively addressed through a regular exercise routine.

We know the benefits of exercise are numerous already; lower body fat, increased stamina, lower blood pressure, better sleep, lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and numerous others.  Mobile Mommy Fitness classes were designed with moms and children in mind.  We target those specific areas weakened by childbearing, and the stresses on the body by raising children.  We combine cardio and strength training components to save time, and tone muscle.  We involve stretching exercises to maintain flexibility, and incorporate stress relief techniques to use regularly. 

All classes are taught by trained exercise professionals, who are also moms.  Mobile Mommy Fitness offers a opportunity to not only get a great workout, but to imerse your children in a healthy lifestyle.  You will be setting the healthy example that fitness is a part of life from even an early age.  You will meet other moms who offer support as well as much needed adult interaction.  You will have a great time, doing something active and healthy, and spending quality time with your children.

As moms today, we are constantly moving, often "on the go."  We need to be flexible and multi-task.  We work hard at home and elsewhere.  We wear many hats and juggle many roles, none more important than that of mother.  Mobile Mommy Fitness is for you; for you to be recognized for the job you are already doing; for you to feel better about the decisions you are making; for you to share what is good for you with your children.  That's why our philosophy is "Exercise for you, and for the example you live!" 
Our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy doesn't stop with us.  We model for our kids how to live healthy.  Set your children up for a healthier lifestyle today.

You can start you own Mobile Mommy Fitness classes in your area.  All you need is a group of friends, sponsoring church or community organization, or other affiliated mom's group.  Mobile Mommy Fitness will train you, provide guidance, marketing materials and ongoing support for your programs.  We will provide you with options for certification, licensure and liability insurance to run your business.